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MCB YUANKY Electrical 1P 2P 3P BH C100 Mcb Mini Circuit Breaker Black Mcb 100A



Type HQP Plug-in Miniature Circuit Breakers Type QC Cable in?Cable out Miniature Circuit Breakers

Rating:10-100 Amperes,240/415 Volts.

Calitbration at 40℃(50℃ Calibration Available) Interrupting Ratings: 10kA IC with Main Switch for Main Breakers



  • America 

Pole 1P
Rated Current(A) 60A
Rated Voltage (V) AC120/240, AC240/415
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Tripping Curve B, C
Rated Short-circuit Capacity 3KA
Electro-mechanical Endurance 3000 cycles
Connection Terminal Pillar terminal with clamp
Connection Capacity Rigid conductor up  to 10mm²
Fastening Torque 1.2Nm
Installation On symmetrical DIN rail 35mm
Panel mounting


BS3871, Partl.
Modular Circuit Breakers: 25mm(linch) module.
Current Ratings:10 to 100 Amps:1,2 and 3 poles.
Thermal-Magnetic Design.
Maximum operating voltages 240/415 Vac Toggle Handle indicates”ON OFF”and TRIPPED positions,
Trip free mechanism in every pole.
All multi-pole breakers incorporate internal common trip mechanism.
Ampere ratings clearly visible on handles.
All ferrous metal parts plated to resist corrosion.
No intermal aluminum parts.
AB DE.10N Arc Extinguishers in every pole,
Steel frame construction used in every pole.

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