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The 130th Canton Fair was held online and offline, marking the resumption of work and production of all major exhibitions in China

"The 130th Canton Fair will be held for the first time online and offline. This is a major international economic and trade event held by China under the background of normalized epidemic prevention and control. It is conducive to maintaining the good momentum of China's economic recovery and demonstrating China's expansion of opening up. The firm determination of the People's Republic of China is conducive to publicizing the brilliant achievements of China's socialist economic construction and reform and opening up under the leadership of the Communist Party of China." Ren Hongbin said.

The first online and offline integration, the first time to promote the domestic and international dual cycle as the theme, the first national-level international trade forum was held at the Canton Fair, the first offline "Rural Revitalization Featured Products" exhibition area... The 130th Canton Fair was organized according to 16 categories of commodities Set up 51 exhibition areas. Among them, the offline exhibition area is about 400,000 square meters, with 7,500 companies participating. It is the world's largest offline exhibition under the epidemic; there are 11,700 brand booths, accounting for 61% of the total offline booths, and there will be more than 2,200 brands Compared with previous Canton Fairs, the proportion of high-quality companies has increased significantly. The online exhibition maintains the original approximately 60,000 booths and will continue to provide an online trade cooperation and exchange platform for 26,000 companies and global buyers.

The 130th Canton Fair is a very special session in the history of the Canton Fair. It is a landmark international trade event.Chu Shijia pointed out that after the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the only large-scale exhibition in China that has not resumed offline exhibitions is the Canton Fair. The online and offline integration of the 130th Canton Fair marked the resumption of work and production of all major exhibitions in China, and also marked new progress in the strategic results China has achieved in coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.

Post time: Nov-01-2021