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Aquaseal Isolators
HWS’s Aquaseal is a breakthrough in Weatherproof isolator technology,It’s the first product of its kind to feature an integral comoulded sealing system that ensures IP66 protection is maintained and there are no gaskets to get lost or damaged. Match this with HWS’s innovations in isolator switch design and you have the ideal product for every isolator application.
Aquaseal’s modern design is neat and compact and the large actuator switch is easy to use with gloved hands. It also has a locking off facility.
Aquaseal HWS Series Isolators come in 20A, 32A and 40A ratings and are available in single, double, triple pole and four pole versions. Two 25mm threaded entries at the top and 2x20mm at the bottom enable easy conduit access, there are also 25mm cut-out guides at the back of the unit. Large 8mm diameter terminals and fixed looping terminals also make Aquaseal easy to install.

Aquaseal Features
 Captive Combination Head Screws for your choice of Screwdriver.
 Self threading screws will not work into backbox during transit.
 Large 10mm2 cable Conductor Terminals.
 Steel plated terminal screws will never break.
 Co-moulded sealing system so no gaskets will get lost or damaged.
 Large padlocking capacity-suit industry 6mm padlock.
 Back box comes complete with 2x20mm and 2x25mm. Simply rotate the back box to suitapplication.
 Premium moulding materials. chemically resistant and UV stabilised.
 Also available in Neon version.
 Made in Australia AS/NZS60947-3.