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YDZ30-32(DPN) series miniature circuit breaker is reliable in feature, precise in protective characteristics, high in breaking capacity, small in size. It is suitable for the protection against over current of the electric line and electric equipment in the construction building and similar place with AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage 240V, and rated working current up to 32A. In addition, it is used for the infrequent on off of the line.

Construction Characteristics
The width of this circuit breaker s shell is not bigger than 18mm. It has small size and compact structure, sound current limiting effect, high breaking capacity. It has 1P+N double breaking point and the two poles are separated without insulation. Under the precondition of simultaneous connection and breaking, N pole is always kept as connection first then breaking, which guarantees not only pole breaking  electric arc but also effective protection to the controlled line and electric equipment. This circuit breaker adopts lifting type connection terminals which offers easy connection and convenient installation with 35mm din rail.