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Product Introduction
HWJ8SM(E) is a special lighting tool for coal miners underground to wear individually. This type of mineral lamp is powered by nickel and metal hydride electric batteries, inside the burner installs the double LED filament bulbs (double light sources). It is the newest design in our company on lighting, which has the good points of refine structure, light weight, free of maintaining for storage battery and the life of LED light source.
Structure and Operating Principle
 The part of storage battery is made up of three nickel and electric hydride batteries that use the sealed glue cushion and the cover of batteries in order to form the complete unity of battery itself.
  The cover and cable link the part of battery with double filaments (double light source) to be a full mineral lamp toughly. The cover of battery has the enclosed convenient wearing circle. And the design of burner contains a bow front wheeling switch. The main light source turns on when the button of switch rotates clockwise, and secondary light sources do when moving anticlockwise. Meanwhile, the charging device is also very convenient and reliable.
  The short circuit protective device is respectively fixed on batteries and the terminal between batteries and cables. This dual protective measure shows tough security and reliance.
  The standards of product: GB7957-2003 The General Security Performance and Requirement of Mineral Lamp.