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    The HW2 series moulded case circuit breaker applies to breaking and making operation in AC
50/60Hz, rated operation voltage 690V or less and rated current up to 1600A circuit. It can
distribute electric energy in circuit, work as the overload of wiring and power supply equipment,
or as the protector of short circuit and under voltage. Additionally, this breaker can switch
line and start motor infrequently. The other characters of the products are: small size, large
contact spacing, high capability of break-make,and short arcing distance, this performance is
better than that of CM1 series. Therefore, it is the new product replacing the older generations
of home products-DZ10, DZ20 and H series moulded case breakers, this performance is as well as HW2-630 3P. 
S series circuit breaker.
    The product complies with the standards of IEC 90947-2, GB 14048.2-2001.

Working Conditions

    Ambient temperature:
    Top limot: +40℃;
    Buttom limit: -5℃;
    Average value within: 24≤+35℃;
    Altitides: Altitudes≤2000m
    Atmosphric conditions
    Humidity shall be less than 50% below +40℃,
    Maximum relative humidity is 90% in dampest month with the average temperature above +25℃,
    Pollution degree: 3