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Characteristics and uses
DM32 series of miniature DC circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as breaker) is applied to the rated current of 6A~32A,250V and 440V rated DC voltage power distribution networks for electricity distribution and power equipment as line overload, short circuit protection of non-selective with. The circuit breaker has small size, high breaking capacity, short arcing distance, etc., to fill the gaps in our miniature DC circuit breaker
Normal operating conditions
1.ambient air temperature -5℃~-40℃, the highest daily average value of 30℃
2.the installation site altitude does not exceed 2000m
3.atmospheric conditions: the ambient temperature is 40℃,relative humidity of the atmosphere does not exceed 50%;in the wettest month average minimum temperature of +25℃, the monthly mean maximum relative humidity of 90%
4.pollution levels for two
5.installation category II,III
6.installation conditions
a.and not more than 5°vertical tilt
b.using 35mm mounting rail installation
c.Circuit breaker can be mounted horizontal and vertical loading, vertical loading up the closed position when the handle
d.installation should be no significant impact and vibration
1.The main circuit breaker tripping system thermal, electromagnetic tripping system, institutions, contact with the interrupter system and casing and carrier rail plastic card keys etc.
2.The circuit breaker with auxiliary contact and alarm may be the beginning