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IEC60947-2 DB14048.2 low-voltage circuit breakers
1.load indicator
Original load power lights make a decent board without the dedicated screen indicator, significant savings in space, reducing wiring work, greatly simplifying the screen in line
2.use the instructions window
Window function set the title without a separate box marked on the circuit breaker on the use of direct
3.wiring functional diversification
Supply-side bus can be forked needle and into the line, so that wiring inside the screen more clean, safe and convenient
4.Electronic short-circuit release can provide up to 1ms accuracy very short delay time, the DC circuit breaker for the DC system with a more complete solution
5.DMB32, DM32 series DC circuit breaker miniature high breaking capacity of the word’s first miniature DC circuit breaker, rated ultimate short circuit breaking capacity lcu up 20ka, rated short-circuit breaking capacity of ICS=100%lcu
6.A module (9mm wide) can be installed on the dual auxiliary or auxiliary + alarm