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This unit was designed to be as simple and fast to install as possible, whilst minimising the possibility for error.
The unit consists of a 1000VDC rated DC circuit breaker pre-installed into an IP66 weatherproof box, with industry-standard MC4 plugs pre-fitted. With no actual wiring of the circuit breaker needed, the possibility of incorrectly wired installations is reduced dramatically, an essential safeguard for any installer.
As an added bonus the pre-fitted plugs and pre-wired circuit breaker will save you hours of installation time in your business.
The Avanco PV Isolation Unit can benefit your business in so many ways:

Cut Installation Times - Pre-wired MC4 connectors and circuit breaker eliminates much of the installation work associated with DC circuit isolation and protection.
Minimise errors - The pre-wired DC circuit breaker ensures that costly and potentially fatal wiring errors are minimised.
Built to last - The industrial strength IP66 rated enclosure is designed to handle the toughest of Australian conditions.
Suitable for any installation - the high 1000VDC voltage rating means you can use it in virtually any installation.