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     YXD2 series, signal hydraulic electromagnetic circuit breaker (shot name circuit breaker) is suitable for AC 415V and DC 220V, to protection circuit overload and circuit short. Meet GB 14048.2,
GB17701 and ministry of railways’ relevant technical standards. Widely used in computer peripherals, industrial automation equipment, communications equipment, substations, oil, chemical, railway, marine, military, houses and other control systems.


Environmental Conditions

1、Ambient Temperature -40+85℃;
2、Relative humidity less than 90%(25);
3、Altitude does not exceed 3000 m;
4、The vertical gradient of not more than 10°;
5、Pollution levels 3;
6、Invasion of the occasion without rain and fog;
7、No explosion of dangerous gases in ambient air;

Main Specifications


Different from thermal magnetic circuit breaker, adopt hydraulic electromagnetic release device,
release depended on the size of the current through the coil. No influence from environmental temperature change so can always take 100% of rated current.
2、 Adopt hydraulic magnetic tripping device to trip overload and short circuit integration.
3、 Delay release by the closed loop damping control and coil, without heating element, so any worries of aging and wear.
4、 This type of circuit breaker without heating element, do not need the cooling time, as long as the
current fault, can be immediately closed.

5、 Auxiliary contacts with the division and state of the circuit breaker can be centralized alarm and
remote monitoring.
6、 Circuit breaker’s dynamic and static contact far from each other, the outer selected a new material with good insulation. Interrupter better insulation performance and high functionality can
be considered safe isolator switch.

7、 Change the number of turns can be arbitrarily selected rated current and trip the circuit
breaker characteristics.
8、 High breaking capacities can fully meeting the requirements of low voltage circuit breaker.
9、 Full products specifications, suitable for a variety of load release curve.
10、 No maintenance, under normal circumstances, the age of 15 years.
11、 Multi-pole circuit breaker has joint performance, when one of them tripping the others follows. Different rated current and rated voltage circuit breaker can equipped together. 

dimensions and installation dimensions


AC Characteristics


DC Characteristic curve  


     YXD1 railway signal circuit breaker is different from usual normal circuit breaker. The internal structure is three-position which means when the handler rest it has thee stationary. Handle up means under working (I), when the circuit breaker release the handle will back to the middle station, if the operator want to closing, must push the handle to the bottom. The bottom means non-working state (O). 
 YXD1 circuit breaker do not need special maintenance, as long as overload release, especially after short-circuit release, need to identify the reasons, if any abnormal occurs, should to change the circuit breaker( users are not free to open the circuit breaker), usually do not need to maintain.