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Overview of hydraulic electromagnetic circuit breaker


YKXD1 series railway signal combination of hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker






The Indoor combination shelf integrated cabinet,frequency shift counter and lightning counter of zero layor and side of conbinat as the equipment once or twice, overload and short circuit protection

Mounting plate


Dust cover


Conbination of bent alarm


Railway signal hydraulic electromagnetic circuit breaker

YKXD1 series

Railway      signal hydraulic electromagnetic circuit breaker

YKXD2 series

Outdoor din-rail and signal transformer box console, as a side pressure protection device












Circuit protection

hydraulic electromagnetic circuit breaker provides a more precise reliable and safe suloution plan to the design of cuicuit protection,it has the advantage of heat electromagnetic circuit breaker and also make up its disadvantage.considering the stability of the temperature of  hydraulic electromagnetic circuit breaker and doesn’t affacted by  the change of the temperature .avoid unneccessary trip or no trip because of cold sensitive.its overload protetion can  work only when the current of the protected circuit make change. it wont reduce the ability of overload protection in the precdure of thermal deformation,meanwhile it doesn't need cooling when restart to work.
There are four parts of the characteristic of hydraulic electromagnetic circuit breaker: Rating 、Setting value、Delay curve.capcity of inrush current.the delay curve can design according to the customer’s different requirement and use scope.our compay can provide you the delay curve.users can compare the trip time  with other cuircuit protectative device to choose flexiblely. Circuit breaker can satisfy high inrush current deive.
1.The trip of cuircuit decide the current go though the coil.it cant be affected by the temperature of the enviroment .keep 100%rate current.
2.integration of work normaly.overload and short-circuit
3.it can restart to work very quickly doent need cooling time
4.different time of trip can satisfy the needs of various of overloaded current when it is working
5.except for series connection trip,middle trip ,the breaker with or without auxiliary switchr,it can distanse turn off 、shunt tirp、contactor trip and twin coil cuircuit trip.
Place of using
Hydraulic electromagnetic circuit breaker widely used in railway、military industry.ocean .petroleum oil and so on.it is used to protect the contuctor. Motor ,generator tansformer .computer .signal of communication system miroprocessor.printer device.  Industrical automatic control and other way.
the trip principle of circuit breaker
1.Hydraulic electromagnetic circuit breaker is series connected by one solenoid and contact terminal.anchor and Actuator mechanism
2 there is a non menetic damper tube in the solenoid and there is a spring and iron in the tube.the contacts are  apart there is no current in the solenoid ,then there is  no electromagnetic force .when the contects are together the current will go through the solenoid ,the it creates megnetic field .when the current is small then the rated current ,the electromagnetic force is not strong enough to move the iron.when it is overloaded .the current is bigger than rated current .the electromegnetic force is enough to pull the iron to the megnetic pole.when the iron core is completely close to megntic pole.the electromegnetic come to the max.iron is atract to the megetic pole.pulll the contact trip from another one.
Obtain the delay curve
The time of trip is related to the time the iron needs when move to the magnetic pole.if damper tube fulled with air,the iron core  move will move very fast in the damper tube the time of trip will be also short. If the damper tube is full of liquid.the temperature coefficient of ths liquid is very steady.in different temperature the trip current wont change becaure of the change of  the teperature of the enviroment.the only change is the trip time.
To satisfy the need of different trip time .hydraulic eletromegnetic circuit breaker use liquid with different viscidity to change the trip time. The trip time of low viscidity is short .the trip time of  high viscidity is long. Hydaulic eletromegmetic cuircuit breaker has short delay,middle delay ,long delay three different trip time for choosing by reasonable choice cooperation.