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The basic parameters of the B1 series circuit breaker

Maximum voltage: 250VAC 50/60Hz, 80VDC
Current Level: 1A~30A
Auxiliary Switch: SPDT, there are silver and gold-plated contacts available ,7A 250VAC, 0.1A 80VDC, 0.1A 125VAC
Insulation Resistance: 500VDC ,Minimum 100 megohms
Dielectric Strength: UL/CSA, in one minute on the condition of alternating , 11500V via the terminal
Life: Under condition of rated voltage and rated current the mechanical life is 10000times(6times every minute),the electric life is 6000 times
Trip-free: when overload, even if forced to keep the handle actuators in the ON position, the internal circuit breaker has been tripped.
Trip indication: when the overload, the actuators position the handle indication display OFF 
working environment : -40~+85℃
Install condition: for the #8-32orM4 size screw please use 1.4-1.7NM,when install the product,please reserve not less than 30mm on the mouth spray arc, the product should install on horizontal, if you want vertical installation ,you need make spcial order
Poles: 1P、2P
Weight  about: 30g/p
Standard: EN60934、UL1077、GB17701、UL489A
Working performance : as follows