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DQ1-65 end of the dual power automatic transfer switch is factory self-developed new high performance automatic transfer switching equipment, electromechanical integration, design, compact, beautiful, small size and other characteristics, has a unique user-friendly design, electric operation reliable, easy manual operation, with a loss of voltage, phase, and automatic conversion from the vote since complex function, with the controller and the main circuit isolation device, user-friendly switchgear wiring on the pressure test
DQ1-65 for AC 50Hz, rated working voltage 400V and below the dual power supply system. Can be used to complete backup power supply and automatic conversion between without manual operation. During the conversion interrupt power to the load transient
DQ1-65 end of the dual power automatic transfer switch to standard
1.Meet DB/T14048.11-2002/IEC60947-6-1
2.Meet DB10963 “for household and similar use, over-current protection circuit breaker”
3.Meet DB7251”low-voltage switchgear and control equipment” on the component requirements
1.With a loss of pressure, phase loss, undervoltage protection, and start the generator, manual operation and emergency power and other functions
2.Break through the detection of the common power supply only way to provide backup power detection (one-two-way test), to ensure access to meet the load requirements of the power
3.Six kinds of conversion controller type, the use of different occasions, intelligent control, with communication interface
4.two single-motor control circuit breaker, a very reliable mechanical interlock
5.At the same time with two circuit breakers disconnect function, the PC in the first-class products, to facilitate the maintenance load classification
DQ1-65 PC end products can be divided into grade levels and CB
1.PC level, the ability to access, load, but not for short-circuit breaking current of DQ1-65
2.CB level, with over-current release, the ability to access and short-circuit breaking current of DQ1-65
Basic parameters
2.frame degree rated current:65A
4.rated operating voltage:AC230V、AC400V
5.rated current:10~63A
Type meaning
DQ1-65/C 32A-3, is the DQ1-65 end of the dual power automatic transfer switch, frame degree rated current of 65A for the CB-class product level, rated current of 32A, 3 pole, CB class
Use of the environment
1.altitude of 2000m and below
2.Ambient temperature not lower than -5℃ and not higher than 40℃ can be higher than the derating
3.Maximum temperature is 40℃, relative humidity of air no more than 50%, at lower temperature allows a relatively high temperature, for example, up to 90% at 20℃
4.able to withstand the impact of salt spray mist
5.able to withstand the impact of mold
6.ship in the normal vibration can be reliably
7.Without sufficient insulation corrosion of metals and destruction of the local gas and conductive dust
8.DB/T14048.11-2002 can withstand electromagnetic interference within the provisions
9.place in the absence of rain and snow