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DW3-1600 series of ultra-small circuit breaker rated voltage of AC 50Hz, rated voltage AC400V, AC 690 power distribution network, used to allocate power lines and power supply and protection against overload, under voltage, short circuit, and single phase hazards such as fault. Core components of the use of intelligent circuit breaker controller with precise selective protection, to avoid unnecessary power outages and improve reliability
DW3-1600 series of ultra-small circuit breaker standard
IEC60947-2 DB14048.2 low-voltage circuit breakers
1.Innovative force interrupter device to overcome the shortcomings of traditional interrupter device. Breaker closing operation, the moving contact to drive the rapid downward movement into the insulation barrier and static contact between the moving contacts, the arc cut off by force, then off, greatly improving the breaking capacity circuit breaker
2.DW3-1600 ultra-compact frame breakers can be divided into two kinds of fixed and drawers, the whole was “with” font, layout arrangement for the three-dimensional form, with compact structure, small size and structural characteristics
3.dimensions compared with 3P/2000A
Basic parameters
1.frame degree rated current:1600A
3.rated insulation voltage:AC1000V
4.rated operating voltage:AC400V、AC690V
5.rated current:200、400、630、800、1000、1250、1600A
6.rated ultimate short-circuit breaker capacity:50kA
7.installation, fixed, drawer
8.operation: electric operation, manual operation
Type meaning
DW3-1600/3 poles, 800A is YUANKY Company DW3 series ultra-small circuit breaker, frame degree rated current of 1600A three-pole switch, rated current of 800A
Use of the environment
1.the installation site altitude does not exceed 2000m
2.Ambient air temperature does not exceed +40℃ and no less than -5℃, and 24h, the average temperature does not exceed +35℃(except special orders).
3.Installation location of the air relative humidity at the highest temperature is +40℃ not more than 50%, at lower temperatures can have a higher relative humidity, the wettest month of the monthly mean minimum temperature does not exceed +25℃, the month of May average maximum relative humidity of not more than 90%, and considering the temperature change occurs on the surface of the condensation product
4.Circuit breaker shall be required to install the manual installation, vertical gradient of not more than 5°,and under-voltage main circuit breaker trip coil, auxiliary circuit and control electrical installation category III
5.installation site pollution levels for 3