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Model EM261PI inserting type three phase three wire electromechanical reactive energy meter is a kind of new style three phase three wire reactive energy meter, it is on the basis of original D86 three phase electromechanical meter, and fully absorb new technologies about electromechanical meter from domestic and abroad. The meter completely accord with relevant technical requirements of class 2 or class 3 three phase reactive energy meter stipulated in international standard IEC 60145. It can accurate and directly measure 50Hz or 60Hz reactive energy consumption from three phase three wire AC electricity net, it is use for inserting installed on all kinds of panels of switchgear and distribution box. The meter has novel design, rational structure, and it can display total energy consumption by drum wheel mechanical register. It has following features: high overload, power loss, long-life, specious appearance, convenient installation, etc.

Functions and features
● Inserting installed, the panel opening size: 152 X 234mm, the cover is made ABS engineering plastics molded overall which has a transparent glass window, the bottom of the meter and the terminal are also made of ABS engineering plastics molded overall. It has following features: Good weather ability, high rigid, good insulation performance, etc.
● The meter frame adopt aluminum molding with excellent mechanical strength, stable structure and anti-impact.
● Voltage components and current components is used of double insulation structure, has good electrical characteristics.
● Standard configuration the meter adopt double gem bearing, oriented bearing is made of lubrication graphite bush and stainless steel needle. It has following features: Small abrasion and minimal friction, etc. May select magnetic thrust bearing (Product Configuration code is PA)
● All kinds of error adjustment mechanism adopt no step shifting mechanism. The meter starting and creeping needn’t to be adjust which is finished by anti-creeping hole of disc and convenient for adjusting by users.
● Standard configuration 6 digits display by drum wheel mechanical register, may select 7 digits display by drum wheel mechanical register (Product Configuration code is PM).
● Standard configuration without the device which can prevent retrograde, may select add the function of prevent retrograde. (Please specified when ordering).
● Two components measure three phase three wire reactive energy. The accuracy class 2 or class 3 may select by users. Complying with standard IEC 60145. (Please specified when ordering).
● Standard configuration use CT, type 5Z wiring for operation, may select PT & CT (Product Configuration code is PJ), type 5Z wiring for operation.
● Short terminals cover.

Technical parameters



voltage (V)

specifications (A)

current (A)



Class 2 Class 3

3 x 220
3 x 400

CT/ 5A


AC voltage 4kV for 1 minute,
1.2/ 50us waveform
impulse voltage 6kV

*If you need different reference voltage or current specification, please advisory our sales.

Outer and mount dimension

Wiring diagram (Type 5Z)



1 Inlet L1 phase line CT
3 Outgoing L1 phase line CT
4 Don't use
6 Don't use
7 Inlet L3 phase line CT
9 Outgoing L3 phase line CT
2 L1 phase line
5 L2 phase line
8 L3 phase line
10 Don't use