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YKD-6 series hidden type floor socket
The product is no barrier and utility floor socket with ultra thin design. Hidden type structure and it is easy to use. Designed of waterproof cotton cushion and strengthen the safety of product. It mainly applies to hotel, office building, computer building, equipment room, and Dance Theater or exhibition center .this product put various powers and information interface together in one case to make up a socket .it is preinstalled under the floor box. So it can be used as the same as the floor .it has a strong practicability and flexibility.

YKD-6S series hidden type floor socket 
YKD-6S series product adopts Wear-resisting reinforced plastic, with delicate and beautiful appearance and ripple surface, wear well. It is only equippedw ith Osaka Panasonic 120 type function accessories (2gang 2 pin or 1gang 3 pin)The joining of panel and bottom casecan be turned 20 degree . it is easy too perate.