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Performance characteristics
  1. The cabinet load-bearing frame is made of cold-formed rectangular welded steel pipes, weak, weak cover together as one. Selection of 10MM thick high-quality pattern plate, high strength and durable surface coating paint, can withstand the weight of the wheels and other machinery
  2. Inside the strength of electrical junction box separated by a metal partition, respectively arranged on both sides of the frame, good resistance to electromagnetic interference
  3. Box for the ultra-thin height of not more than 200MM
  4. Docking device through a nearby outlet, outlet connection device telescopic closed freely, without outlet flush with the ground; need the outlet, outlet connection device does not protrude to the ground.
  5. Power control box cover plate with upgraded handles and special locks, to avoid the illegal operation of unrelated persons, and to ensure the safe used of electricity
  6. Safe operation when the power control box cover plate supporting device comes with a mechanical self-locking, with special cover positioning take along to ensure that the use maintenance
  7. Outlet socket used in all international famous brand IP67 protection class industrial connector socket, installed on both sides of the cabinet.
  8. Dustproof and waterproof ability power box lights, circuit breakers, earth leakage switches, surge protectors are used the world famous brand products installed in separate cabinets, effective way to eliminate ground dust, moisture and water erosion, improve booth box

Technical parameters

  • rated operating voltage:AC380V/220V
  • rated insulation voltage:AC380V
  • rated frequency:50HZ
  • rated current and short-time withstand current : main circuit 80A   4.5KA
  • protection class:IP54
  • cover load:50KN
  • outgoing circuit:6pcs
  • outgoing circuit rated current:380V/50A 2road;80V/25A 2road;220V/16A 2road
  • weak jack (86 boxes) : four RJ45 voice
  • line protective conductor terminal with the corresponding resistance value between the exposed conductive parts : less than 0.1Ω
  • dimensions : 700(L×450(W×200(D)

Installation diagram

  1. pull connected tendons
  2. 50×5 galvanized flat steel
  3. 5MM damping pads
  4. 63×40×6 galvanized angle iron
  5. 86 type weak waterproof box
  6. weak incoming cable glands ( PG27/IP67-5)
  7. 10MM thick tread plate
  8. 63A/380V/IP67 industrial connector socket
  9. 16A/220V/IP67 industrial connector socket
  10. 32A/380V/IP67 industrial connector socket
  11. load-bearing framework
  12. strong electric incoming cable fixed (PG36/IP67-5)
  13. enhance handle
  14. triangular lock
  15. concealed hinges

Installation notes

  1. trench the booth box border should be strictly figure fabrication and construction
  2. installed trench booth box border and trench center symmetry, horizontal error of not more than 2MM
  3. shock pad in the trench on the border should be straightened flat solid paste to prevent booth box vibration and beep
  4. should ensure that both sides of the trench concreting vertical degrees, so as to avoid the booth cabinet is unable to install

Electrical system diagram