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Performance characteristics

1.Box materials using 3mm stainless steel 304 material, rust and corrosion ability and sufficient mechanical strength
2.The box on the strength of electrical wiring respective junction boxes closed, arranged in the casing on both sides, respectively, isolation, good shielding, effectively prevent the generation of electromagnetic interference
3.The cabinet has a heat pass-handling devices, the use of natural ventilation box components heat immediately removed the switch assembly capable of continuous stable and reliable work
4.Power supply 125A high-power industrial connector socket, the weak junction box cover configuration the dedicated round lock, to avoid the illegal operation of unrelated persons, to ensure the safe use of electricity
5.Power supply sockets used in all high level of protection of the world famous brand IP67 industrial connector sockets installed in the box on both sides, obliquely, easily accessible
6.Inside the circuit breaker, leakage switch, surge protectors are used the world famous brand products installed in separate cabinets, effective way to eliminate ground dust, moisture and water erosion, to ensure that the booth box protection grade IP67
Technical parameters
1.rated operating voltage:AC380V/220V
2.rated insulation voltage:AC380V
3.rated frequency:50Hz
4.rated current and short-time withstand current: main circuits 225A  4.5KA
5.outgoing circuit:7pcs
6.outgoing circuit rated current
7.line protective conductor terminal with the corresponding resistance value between the exposed conductive parts: less than 0.1Ω
8.dimensions : 880(L)×310(W)×350(D)
11.creepage distance:5mm
12.overvoltage category:III
13.main switch breaking capacity
14.material groups:IIIa
15.pollution degree:3
16.electric shock protection category
17.weak jack:RJ45
Installation diagram

1.welding steel mesh
2.pull connected tendons
3.75×50×6 galvanized angle iron
4.100×63×6 galvanized angle iron
5.trench cover or pipeline connection device
7.triangle lock
8.5mm damping pads
9.weak box
10.hopper windows
11.63A/380V/IP67 industrial connector socket
12.125A/380V/IP67 industrial connector socket
13.weak incoming cable fixed metal head
14.strong electric incoming cable gland(PG48/IP67-5)
Installation notes
1.Booth box bracket with four M10×80 stainless steel expansion bolts installed in the side of the trench must be tightened
2.Installed the underside of the booth box body cover above the trench cover pitch control range of 10cm~20cm
Electrical system diagram