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TDC series of easy open ground trough can be laid under the cushion or raised floor trunking cover and the ground surface is flush, the ground decoration declared laying carpet, wiring capacity, flexibility advantages. Especially applicable to a large hall office, computer rooms, schools figure ending, airports, power point and centralized information point occasions.
1.The trunking cover group full installation structure, cover every block length of 500mm, easy of installation, the cables, and do not need to wear the ducts. Easy open ground trough open design, similar to the wiring of the cable channel, convenient, fast and safe
2.The easy open ground trunking separated usually two slots or three slots, according to project needs more separated.
3.Trunking built seal, dustproof, waterproof effect
Scheme legend

Ground trough to accommodate the root of the number of standard (only for reference)

Easy open ground trough can be divided into single-slot, dual-slot, and three-slot. The separated size amount of works. Isolation with a metal plate, strong, weak trough laying. Separated by thick stringing amount calculated with reference to the table.
TDC-L easy open ground trough the manufacture of high-quality steel plate, strong, weak cross-schielding device, explosion-proof cross the line will not cause interference, trunking the double connecting piece between fixed and has a height adjustment feature to ensure lineslot level position, no significant ground markers for each piece of trunking, ensure the grounding continuity