25 Year OEM,ODM$OBM Special Circuit Break Manufactory In China
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Main Features:
* Small volume, high discharge capacity
* Reliable protection thanks to double control disconnector
* Quick response
* Low voltage protection level and with double terminals connection
* Green window will change when fault occur, also in the same time provide remote alarm terminal
* Core components are from international well known supplier
Working condition:
  1.Height: not more than 2000m
  2. Operating temperature : normal -5~+40℃ Enlarge range: -40~+80℃
  3. Relative humidity: on condition that room temperature 30%~90%
  4. Installed at no notability shocked and virated place
  5. Don't be contained in explosion medium,the medium such as air and dust (including conductive dust ) shouldn't come to the degree that can corrode metal or damage insulation

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Technical  Parameters

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