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Installation Position:
Surge Protective Device MSPD 65  Accessory  is installed in household distribution boards ,computer equipment ,in formation equipment, electronic equipment and in the socket box in front of control equipment or near the control equipment
Main Features:
* Small volume, high discharge capacity
* Reliable protection thanks to double control disconnector
* Quick response
* Low voltage protection level and with double terminals connection
* Green window will change when fault occur, also in the same time provide remote alarm terminal
* Core components are from international well known supplier
*Could be replaced for the module not need power cut.
*Maximum current of endure the lightning stroke 65KA(8/20 μs).
*Time of response<25ns.
*The color of visible window shows operating status ,white means normal , red means abnormal.
Selection and Ordering Data

Phase cartridge, 275 V

Neutral cartridge for products OVR T2 1N (..) & OVR T2 3N (..), 275V

Phase cartridge, 440 V

Installation dimensions