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Main characteristics
In addition to significant energy savings, Automation provides:
Greater comfort,
Better security.
Implementation is extremely simple.
An up to 7-minute time delay can be set.
The "override" function on the front face enables permanent lighting for cleaning and maintenance services.
Solution in brief
This solution lets you set lighting times to a minimum  in passageways thanks to a timer making it possible to:
Light one or several light sources from one or several control points,
keep lighting on for a pre-set time,
switch it off automoatically,
override the timer for permanent lighting when necessary
Value proposition
The staircase timer allows reduction of energy spent for lighting. Instead of having the staircase and corridors permanently light, the lighting is reduced to a pre-defined amount of time after one of the push-buttons connected to the timer is pressed.
Without this timer solution, the light is often on permanently. With the timer, energy spent can be reduced by up to 30 to 50%