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(1)standars lighting:31.5-125 lux(Under conditions at rated voltage and surroundings temperature 20℃)
(2)standard unlighting:below 5 times of lighting(Under condition at rated voltage and surroundings  temperature 20℃)
(3)suitable dard surroundings temperature range:~+40℃ 
(4)sevice life time:more than 2,000 times (Operational condition:rated voltage,surroundings   temperature 20℃)  Operational frequency:6Times/Hour.
(5)Rated frequency:for both 50Hz/60Hz.

1.the controller works according to the scene illumination.
2.It can not be illuminated by the simulative light of 50lux or more.
3.It can not be installed in the shadow of 20lux or less (daytime).
4.The wire of the controller cannot be mis-connected (red wire/load,white wire/controlling wire,black wire/neutral wire).

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