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Can be used in Zone 1 and Zone 2 dangerous places.
Can be used in IIA,IIB,IIC group explosive atmosphere.
Suitable ofr incandesent lamp,mercury vapor laamp.
*Please note if need II C group

Diecasted aluminium alloy shell with plasticsprayed surface.
Normal lamp and emergency lamp of the division type are respectively suitable to the appropriate sites,but the dual-purpose for lighting and emergency type share a same lampe body,moreover light source is independent.
Under the normal power- supplyingcondition,inner Nickel-Cadmium battery can recharge automatically,so that the emergency lamp will turn on automatically when the power ose because of accident or power failure.
Suitable for both steelpe and cable wiring.  
It can be equipped with test button and indicator according to user's requirement.
Suitable for BG3836-2000,IEC60079 standard request.

Main technical parameters


 Protection grade

 Cable's outside diameter (¢,mm)

 Inlet's thread (G")

 Exd II BT4 *Exde IICT4




 Rated voltage (v)

 Emergency starting time(s)

 Recharging time (h)

 Emergency lighting time (min)

 Normal  Emergency






Supplied with lamps

 Normally luminating

 Emergency luminating

 125W Imcandescent mercury lamp
 200W Incandecent lamp

 20W Iodin-tungsten lamp

 E27 Lamp socket

 GV5.3 Lamp socket