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Can be used in Zone 1 and Zone 2 dangerous places.
Can be used in IIA、IIB、group explosive atmosphere.
Suitable for incandescent lamp,mercury vapor lamp, high-pressure sodium vapor lamp,metal halide lamp.
Can be install lamp vover according to user's requitemnt.
Diecasted aluminium alloy shell with
Pressure-casted frmation,compact structure and aesthetic appearance.
Suspension type thumb nut is used for fastening so that it can be quickly opened up and is conventient for maintenance.
Suitable for steelpipe.
Suitable for GB3836-2000,IEC60079 standard request.

Main technical parameters


 Protection grade

 Cable’s outside diameter(¢,mm)

Inlet’s thread (G")  

Lamp socket 


 Exd Ⅱ CT4






 Lamp type

 Self-ballasted mercuty vapor lamp

 Incandesent lamp

 Mercurypor lamp

 Hi-Presssure sodium lamp

 Metal halide lamp

 Rated voltage (V)


 Rated power (W)

 125    200    80    110    70

 160           125          100