25 Year OEM,ODM$OBM Special Circuit Break Manufactory In China
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Product material: PA6 Nylon(polyamide)

Operating temperature: -40℃~+160℃ instantaneously can be +180℃

Structure: wavy shape both interiorly and exteriorly

Color: black,other colors can be customized (upon requirements)

Properties: good flexibility, anti-distortion, bending properties, and can withstand heavy loads, acid, oil, coolant, etc, shiny surface, rubbing

Carrying capacity: can withstand the weight of foot, not broken, the same type, can be quickly restored, and without any damage to itself

Application areas: machinery, electrical insulation, lighting, automotive, aerospace equipment, subway, train, automatic control, etc.

Usage: wires and cables into the pipe, adding YK: SM-G SM series flexible joints model used to