25 Year OEM,ODM$OBM Special Circuit Break Manufactory In China
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Product material: (inner layer) adopting galvanized steel band with special insulation treatment; (outer layer) adopting PVC raw material(anti-UV,anti-aging)

Color: black, gray

Operating temperature: -10℃~+80℃, instantaneously can be +100℃

1, hoses have excellent waterproof, insulating resistance, tensile
2, the surface of PVC materials, PVC plastics and fire retardants added
3, the structure is buckle structure, increase the tensile strength, not easily broken or deformed
4, the bending performance, smooth internal structure of wires in the wear and easy

Application areas: railway, locomotive, transportation systems engineering, air conditioning, air conditioning, machinery, automatic control equipment, power plants, chemical industry, power transmission and distribution systems, communications systems, ships, buildings, plant parts within and outside the house way out of the wiring protection

Purposes: to protect wire and cable and provide insulation, waterproof, and can increase the cable bend beautiful

Use: put the wires and cables through the pipes, adding YK-DPJ type connector to the corresponding models