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Series : DPJ end style union, DPN within the threaded, union: DKJ sleeve type joints: DWJ90 degree bend connector; DWJ45°elbow connector

Thread size: inch G, metric mefyic, German-made PG

Material: high quality zinc alloy thick

Color: metallic color (white)

Temperature: -40℃~+100℃, instantaneously can be +120℃

Protection grade: IP66

1, thick galvanized or zinc alloy chrome plated, beautiful appearance, compact structure, high strength
2, hose and hose jacket design tight interlocking connection design, assembly time-saving convenience, strong tensile
3, waterproof, dustproof, salt, acid, alcohol, oil, grease and common solvents
4, the beginning of the following standard specifications, the program can be changes in the standard size and thread