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Overview: PVC heat shrinkable sleeve temperature 85℃~105℃ that shrink when heated with special features, products widely used in electrolytic capacitors, meters coil, inductance coils, cables, batteries, transformers, copper, daily necessities series, and so on. Security and landscaping can play the role of packaging, and items to be coated can play insulation, moisture, corrosion, dust and other aspects of the effectiveness

Color: yellow, black, blue, white, red, green, transparent, gray, and other colors according to customer

PET heat shrink tubing
PET heat shrink tubing ( polyester heat-shrinkable sleeve) with non-toxic and environmentally friendly, will not cause harm to humans and the environment. By SGS environmental protection test, Sony SS-00259 environmental standards. Mechanical strength, high temperature resistance and electrical insulation properties are greatly over the PVC heat shrink tubing, and in the use of traditional PVC heat shrink tubing, without distinction, will not increase the user’s equipment investment, is PVC heat-shrinkable sleeve upgrade instead of a new generation of products, batteries, electrolytic capacitors exporters the best option

PVC casing
PVC casing materials synthesized by the polymer, made of PVC extruded at high temperature. Soft, wear-resistant, acid, cold, corrosion, oxidation, and excellent flame resistance and electrical insulation, is a senior electrical insulating materials. Widely used in electronic components, home appliances, automobiles, machinery, toys, supplies and other areas and issues