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Material:the use of tools made of nylon material, impact resistance, high strength, light weight, suitable for fast-moving, rugged, no deformation

Category: from 10 series, 15 series, 18 series, 25 series, 45 series, 60 series

Features and application:
1, suitable for use in reciprocating motion of the occasion, be able to built-in cable, tubing, pipe, etc. starting traction and protection
2, each section can not open the towline, easy installation and maintenance. Movement, low noise, wear-resistant, high-speed remote
3, the towline has been widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machinery, glass machinery, doors and windows machinery, injection molding machines, robots, material handling equipment, automated warehouses and other
4, the towline shape like tanks, chain, chain by the number of units composed of freely rotating between chains
5,  The same series of high towline, outside the high, the same pitch. Towline in high bending radius R may have a different choice
6, Unit chain around the chain from the bottom cover plate and the composition of towline can open each section, easy assembly and disassembly without treading,
Open the cover to the cable, tubing, etc. into the trachea within the towline
7, Also provide separate piece, the chain separated by space as needed