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Equipment usage
The equipment used for molded case circuit breakers, standard operating characteristics of factory inspection. Meet GB14048.2,GB/14048.1,JB/T8589 other countries in the MCCB standard test requirements. Meet the relevant requirements and other international standards.

Design number
1.intelligence units
Equipment function
The test bench according to national standards can be completed MCCB standard action characteristic test. (Anti-time operation characteristic)that is : the circuit breaker to the poles through the current setting of 1.05 times, in the 2H(IN ≤63A, in order to 1H) does not trip, immediately rose to power flow current setting of 1.3 times in the 2H(IN≤ 63S when IN) within the trip. The test station automatically by computer control, set the parameters, the test-bed will be set automatically test the circuit breaker program automatically determines the eligibility conditions, preservation of records, the establishment of a database.