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Equipment usage
The equipment used to test MCCB instantaneous operating characteristics. Meet GB14048.2, GB/14048.1,JB/T8589 other countries in the existing standard molded case circuit breaker testing requirements. In line with international standards IEC60947 and other requirements of the test.

Design number
Equipment function
Action for the short-circuit releases the entire charge in the circuit breaker should be 80% and 120% under the instantaneous release should be within the 0.2S action and action is not.
For transient overload release moves trapped in the overload current setting under 90% and 110% of the instantaneous release should no action and action within the 0.2S
The test-bed can be controlled by computer, in the test set parameters such as current and time, the test-bed will be set work times and procedures, according to the group, three phase combination of the automatic circuit breaker test, automatically qualified to judge the situation, save the test records, establish a database.