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Detection DW45,DW17,15,10 series features intelligent framework for integrated circuit breaker testing, in line with GB14048.1.2, JB/T8390.1.2 national standards in the framework of the circuit breaker testing requirements, in line with international standards IEC 60947.1.2 the relevant requirements.

Design number
3.computer-controlled pneumatic
Equipment function
The test-bed for the framework of the integrated circuit breaker characteristic test can output 0~450V AC-DC dual voltage for the circuit breaker switch, sub-gate, storage, undervoltage protection, such as shunt trip used to output 20000A high current for circuit breaker delay, instantaneous time-current characteristics test.
The test bench can be industrial automatic control, calibration, communication interfaces, LCD touch screen with the man-machine dialogue, input current, time and other parameters, the test bench according to set procedures for split-phase circuit breakers, overload co-equal long time delay, short delay, instantaneous and so the time-current characteristics test, automatically qualified to judge the situation, and can save the test records, the establishment of a database.