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The variety of electrical equipment to high and low voltage electrical wire and cable distribution box (screen)of the electrical insulation for dielectric tests, in line with JG795 national standard test requirements, the electrical, packing, wire and cable manufacturers must preparation of test equipment.

Technical parameter
1.Sapply voltage:AC 220V±5% 50Hz±1Hz
2.Output high voltage:0-50KV regulate continuously
3.Leakagecurrent:0-10mA 0-50mA 0-100mA 0-200mA regulate continuously
4.Settime:0.1s-9h adjust(can set)

Design number
1.common type
Equipment function
The device has a smart meter functions in calibration units(meter) on the set output voltage and leakage current test of time and other parameters, the product being tested dielectric test(PSA test), the set test voltage and test time, test the dielectric properties by test, the test-bed to stop testing, If the automatically stop and alarm