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Gravure printing is the application of the principles, tools, including silicone rubber head, the sun patterned printing plate(steel or fiber)and the ink, can print a variety of fine lines, fonts and patterns, and even four-color screen image, regardless of the printed surface is convex or concave is irregular can still make the desired effect, especially in the mobile phone casing, printed circuit breaker, the main fact customers solve plate, plastic top selection of various problems.
Technical parameter
2.Maximum print size:80mm
3.Oil cup:φ90mm
4.Steel size:100*250mm
5.Pressure the total flow, 276 liters per minute
6.Maximum depth of printing:0-160mm
7.Input voltage power supply:110/220V 50/60HZ 50W
8.Maximum printing pressure:6BAR/100PSI is 480N
9.Printing speed:1500-4000 times/h