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YUANKY 230VAC 50Hz 1p auto recloser rccb automatic recloser intelligent reclosing

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HW53RA is a compact module is designed to meet the needs for availability and strong continuity of service (eg telecommunication to owners, traffic lights, etc.)
It owns advantage of compact size, reliable function, trip and reclose fast, both auto and manu operation. It allows remote control opening and closing of MCB, RCCB, and RCBO, indication of their states, automatic reset, etc.
The trip time is setup without adjustment during production

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    Technical Data

    Module; 1P, 18mm

    Rated Voltage: 230VAC/50Hz

    Reclosing time(S):≤3S

    Time delay(S): 51.58

    Power consumption:< 1.5VA

    Trips: 3 times

    Trips time duralion: 10-60-300S

    Mechanical life: 20000

    Electrical lile: 10000

    Compatible: HWM50H, HML50H, HWRO50, HWR50, and accessories

    IP grade: IP20

    Temperature; –25′C -60C


    Communication Port

    HW53RA femote auxllary contacts NO&NC

    HW53RS:RS485 commnunication port

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