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Main performance parameters

Frame level current Inm (A) 80
Rated current In (A) 40、50、63、80
Rated working voltage Ue AC230V
Rated insulation voltage Ui AC400V
Rated frequency(Hz) 50
Rated impulse withstand voltage Ump (kV) 4
Rated operating short-circuit breaking capacity Ics (kA) 6
Rated residual making and breaking capacity I△m (kA) 1.5
Rated residual current operating value I△n (A) 0.05~0.5 adjustable (can be closed)
Rated residual current non-operating value I△no 0.8 I△n
Residual current action delay time (ms) 200~500 adjustable
Limit non-driving time (s) When 2 I△n , 0.06s
Instantaneous trip type C type
Residual current operating characteristic type AC
Loop current measurement range 0~14 In
Mechanical/electrical life (times) 10000/4000
Protection class IP20
Installation method Standard rail mounting
Wiring capability Maximum 35mm2

Circuit breaker intelligent system solution
The following networking systems in the intelligent station area include three types of products
HWB6LE-80 intelligent leakage monitoring miniature circuit breaker, hereinafter referred to as “post-meter switch”: built-in Bluetooth communication module, 1 meter box n units, the number is the same as the electricity meter, installed behind the meter.
HWM6L-250 intelligent residual current action circuit breaker is hereinafter referred to as “front-of-meter switch”: built-in HPLC/Bluetooth dual-mode module, I meter box 1 set, installed in the meter box incoming line.
HWM6L-630 station area intelligent residual current action circuit breaker, hereinafter referred to as “station area switch”: built-in HPLC module, 1 station area n units, installed in the station area/box transformer branch outlet.

The front switch HWM6L-250 is embedded with a dual-mode module, which forms an ad hoc network with all the rear switches HWB6LE- 80 in the meter box through the bluetooth module downlink, and collects the information of the rear switches HWB6LE- 80 of n meters: current, voltage, residual Current, internal temperature, clock, leakage protection setting value, switch opening and closing status, trip fault type, fault diagnosis record value, fault recorder and other information.

The front switch HWM6L-250 has a built-in dual-mode module, and the HPLC module provides its own information: automatic reclosing times, current, voltage, residual current, internal temperature, clock, current and voltage leakage protection settings, switch opening and closing status, off The fault type, fault diagnosis record value, fault recorder and other information, as well as the collected information of the back switch HWB6LE- 80
are sent to the station concentrator through HPLC.

The platform switch HWM6L 630 is embedded with the HPLC module, and its own information (parameter type is the same as the switch HWM6L -250 before the table) is sent to the platform concentrator through HPLC.

Remarks: HPLC/Bluetooth dual-mode module function: The embedded micro- power wireless module supports the re- encapsulation of the message sent from the upstream channel (high-speed power line carrier HPLC) and sent to the Bluetooth channel, and supports the message received from the Bluetooth channel. Repacked and sent to the upstream channel.

Functions and Features
Line protection function: overload protection, short circuit protection

Residual current protection function: It can be turned on or off. When the residual current protection function is turned on, when the residual current action setting value is exceeded, the residual current protection action will be performed within the specified delay time:

Measurement function: main circuit current, residual current measurement, internal temperature measurement function: (expandable voltage measurement function)

Circuit breaker status detection function: circuit breaker closing and opening detection, overload or short-circuit tripping detection, residual current action tripping detection;

Residual current test function: with a test button, when the test button is pressed, the function of the residual current protection action of the circuit breaker can be verified;

LED indication function: LED indication of circuit breaker operating status, communication status and fault status:

Clock function: The circuit breaker integrates a soft clock function. The control center. remotely sets the initial time through communication, and the circuit breaker updates the clock through the internal main frequency and a certain algorithm. When a fault occurs, the specific moment of the fault can be recorded.

Temperature detection function: The circuit breaker has a temperature detection function: according to the internal temperature and loop current data, it is analyzed to determine whether there is a fault in the site where the main circuit line is connected, which causes the internal temperature of the circuit breaker to be too high and damages the circuit breaker.

Communication function: upload the locally monitored main circuit current, residual current, circuit breaker on-off, overload or short-circuit trip status, circuit breaker internal temperature, etc. to the monitoring center through wireless Bluetooth:

Remote upgrade function: the circuit breaker can be remotely upgraded by wireless;

Fault current recording function: When the circuit breaker is overloaded or short-circuited, the circuit breaker can record the real-time current value of 2 cycles before and after its tripping. Each cycle collects 16 points at a fixed frequency, and each data point is 2 byte records.


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