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circuit breaker principle

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-27      Origin: Site

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When using electricity, no matter how old people are, they will be reminded to pay attention to the safety of electricity use. With the improvement of living standards and the continuous development of science and technology, more and more electrical appliances are used in our lives. At this time, the safety of electricity use must also be upgraded. Everyone should have heard the word fuse, in fact, this is a kind of leakage switch. It is a measure of protection, the protection of electricity. Today let’s introduce another thing, the air switch, which is also a commonly used protection measure for safe electricity use. Let’s explore the principle of the air switch, and by the way, let’s popularize these common sense problems of electricity use.

Definition of air switch

If you want to understand this thing, the first thing must be to know what this thing is. The air switch is also a circuit breaker, which is an object that can play a protective role when installing the circuit. It is used for making, breaking and carrying rated working current in the circuit. This circuit breaker has various functions in the circuit. It can transmit current like an ordinary circuit. This is formed under certain conditions, and then when the current occurs in a specific When it changes, it assumes the role of blocking the current. In fact, protection measures are activated. And it can perform reliable protection in the case of overload, short circuit and undervoltage of the line and motor. The air switch is still very reliable. The internal design of the air switch is relatively complicated, but the principle of application is relatively simple. The internal structure of the air switch can have high breaking capacity and current limiting capacity. With double release. The inverse time action is that the bimetal is heated and bent to make the tripper act, and the instantaneous action is that the iron core street iron mechanism drives the tripper to act. That is, it can block the current well, protect electrical appliances and protect the safety of electricity use.

The principle of air switch

The principle of the air switch is very simple. It connects an inductance of 10 to 20 turns between the incoming line and the outgoing line. These inductances can sense the flow strength, speed and interval time of the current. In fact, it is used for monitoring. A sensory device in which electricity works properly. When the current is sufficient, when the device passes through the device, it will pull in and drive the mechanical lever to act for protection. This is actually an insurance device at home. It is safer and does not need to be changed. It is a good recommendation. In simple terms, it is an adsorption force of the current to maintain the connection between the currents. If the current passing through has a different voltage, it will cause the adsorption connection to be disconnected, so as to achieve the effect of power failure, and it can be automatically powered off. , is an automatic power-off protector. It is widely used in the market. Even if the voltage is unstable, it will not cause the fuse to burn out, or the electrical appliance to burn out due to the voltage. Very convenient and practical.


The main function of the air switch

The air switch is used to protect the wires and prevent fires. In fact, it is to install a protective appliance for the wires, because the current must pass through the wires. As long as the safety of the wires is ensured, the safety of electricity can be well guaranteed. Sometimes because of the wires There are still many fires caused by the problem. This device is to protect the wires and prevent fires. Because its main function is to protect the wire, it should be selected according to the size of the wire rather than the power of the electrical appliance. If the selection does not match, too large, it will not protect the wire, too small, it will be in a state of over-protection, resulting in a state of constant power failure! So keep these things in mind.

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