Exquisite exterior design, industrial-grade interior materials, strict implementation of ISO 9001:2000 quality testing
We own modern production lines and high controlling equipment with scientific administration , professional engineers, high trained technicians and skilled workers. YUANKY integrates R & D, production, sales, and service to form a complete electronic and electrical solution.
YUANKY mainly produces circuit breaker, fuse , contactor & relay, socket & switch, distribution box, surge arresters etc. Our products meet national standards and industry standards. We have got certificates for our hot selling products, such as CB,SAA,CE, SEMKO, SEMKO,UL certificates etc. We have a whole set of testers and all of our products will be tested before leaving our factory. YUANKY has sold products to over 100 countries around the world and is gradually gaining reputation in both quality and reliability.
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  • OEM & ODM &OBM
    OEM is one of the most important service of our factory. We have professional groups in moulds developing, packing design, printing and skilled workers. 
  • Professional Techincal Team
    We have an excellent technical team, which can be designed according to customers requirements.
  • Reasonable Price
    More than 10 precision production line, easy to realize large quantities of goods, to provide you with the best price.


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  • Principle of operation of RCBO


    RCBO (Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent protection) is a kind of comprehensive circuit breaker which can provide overcurrent protection and residual current protection. It is an important safety device in the field of household and industrial electricity, which can automatically cut off the circuit in case of current overload or ground fault to protect personal safety and electrical equipment. Read More
  • RCD RCBO difference and what is RCD ?


    RCD is residual current action protector, is a kind of leakage protection device, is a kind of can effectively prevent personal electric shock casualties of electrical technology measures; RCD Socket is residual current action protector (leakage protection device) plugging device. Read More
  • What is an RCD socket and how does it work?


    RCD sockets, or safety sockets with earth leakage protection, prevent electric shock accidents by cutting power in case of leakage or overload. They use leakage protection switches and overload protectors to ensure safety. Equipped with anti-arc function, they supplement but don't replace safe appliance usage. CHNT offers various types including 1-gang and double sockets with different current ratings. Read More
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