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RCD RCBO difference and what is RCD ?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-19      Origin: Site

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What is RCD?

RCD means Residual Current Device, full name Residual Current Device, is an earth leakage protection device also called earth leakage circuit breaker. Leakage protection device is a low-voltage safety protection appliances, its role is as follows:

1. It is used to prevent single-phase electric shock accident caused by leakage;

2. for preventing fire and equipment burning accidents caused by leakage;

3. for detecting and cutting off various ground faults;

4. Some leakage protection devices can also be used for overload, over-voltage, under-voltage and phase failure protection.

RCD RCBO difference

In the electrical world, RCDs (residual current protectors) and RCBOs (residual current circuit breakers) are two common safety devices that are both used to protect people from the dangers of electric shocks and electrical fires. Despite their similar roles, there are some key differences between RCDs and RCBOs.

First, let's look at the RCD.An RCD is an electrical device that is designed to monitor whether or not current is flowing in its normal path. When current flows back to ground through the human body or a faulty path, the RCD is able to quickly disconnect the circuit, thus preventing electrocution. It is usually used to protect an entire circuit or electrical system.

RCBO, on the other hand, is an extended form of RCD. It combines the functions of an RCD and a circuit breaker, and is able to automatically disconnect a circuit when a current leak or fault is detected. Unlike RCDs, RCBOs are able to detect not only residual currents but also other faults such as overloads and short circuits, and cut off the circuit if necessary. As a result, the RCBO provides more comprehensive protection than an RCD alone.

In addition to functional differences, RCDs and RCBOs differ in terms of installation and use. In general, RCDs are usually installed after the main circuit breaker of a power supply, whereas RCBOs can be installed as branch circuit breakers directly into specific circuits. This makes RCBOs more suitable for circuits or equipment that require individual protection.

Overall, while both RCDs and RCBOs are important devices for protection against electrical hazards, the difference between them is that RCBOs offer more comprehensive protection and are better suited for installation in specific circuits or equipment. Understanding the differences between them is vital when choosing the appropriate safety equipment to ensure the safe and reliable operation of your electrical system.

RCCB (Residual Current Circuit-breaker) refers to the leakage switch (such as ID leakage switch), without overcurrent protection (without overload release); and MCCB composed of a large leakage protection device, mostly four-pole, three-phase, four-wire device, but YUANKY has a three-pole RCCB can be three-phase and single-phase two-wire with; the other can be used by the MCCB With ZCT combination, the highest sensitivity 3A delay 5 seconds size=12.48px]. [size=12.48px].

RCBO (Residual Current operated Circuit-breaker) refers to the electromagnetic leakage protection circuit-breaker (such as DPN integrated leakage protection circuit-breaker), with overcurrent protection (with overload release)

RCD (Residual Current Devices) refers to leakage protection devices (such as C65 leakage accessories), including leakage switches and leakage protection circuit breakers.

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