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ATS Controller PC Class HW-Y700 Indicator Light Led ATS Controller


  • America 

Performance and characteristics

◆ The type of control system could set to 1#Utility2#Utility,1#Utility2#Generator, 1#Generator2#Utility,1#Generator2#Generator. The dimension of LCD display is 128mm*64mm. LCD display with backlight and could show by two languages(Chinese or English). It could show the three phase voltage and frequency of Main power and Emergency power.
◆ Controller with overnltage,undervoltage,phase loss,reverse phase sequence,over frequency and under frequency protection function.
◆ It can choose automatic working status or manual working status. In the manual working status, could close or open switch by press the button.
◆ AII the parameters could be programmed on the scene. Adopt secondary password to prevent wrong operation.
◆ On the scene,it could test the genset in with load or without load mode.
◆ With functions of switch reclosing and the power button again.
◆ Output signal could set to be pulse or continuous output.
◆ It can apply to one off position switch,two off position switch and without off position switch.
◆ The neutral line of Main power and Emergency power are designed separately.
◆ Real time clock display.
◆ With function of timing start or stop genset. The cycle could set to be a single running,once a week running or once a month running. And all the cycle running method could choose with load or without load.
◆ Controller can control 2 units genset cycle running. The running time and the interval downtime of genset both could be set.
◆ The range of DC power is very wide. Can short time withstand 80V DC input. Or through HWS560(85V-560VAC input,12VDC output) power module to supply power.
◆ The distance of AC power input terminals is far,so it can maximum withstand 625V input.
◆ Controller has RS485 isolation communication interface. It’s apply protocols of Mod Bus communication will achieve “remote contolling.remote measuring,remote communication” functions.
◆ It could remote control genset start or stop and remote control ATS dosing or open.
◆ It could inquiry the current state of contoller(Contain input port,overoltage,underoltage etc internal digital data).
◆ Suitable for a variety of connection types(Three phase four wre,Three phase three wire,Single phase two wire, Two phase three wire).
◆ Modular structure design,lame retardantABS sllpluggable terminal blocks,embedded istallation, structure compact and easy installation.

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