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Electrical Supply Hot Selling 1P+N 6A 10A 16A 20A 25A 32A Residual Current Breaker Overload Rcbo



W7NL residual curretn breaker overload are mainly applied to the AC 50Hz/60Hz circuit rated

240V and 32A or below. They have the elctric leakage (electric shock), overload, short circuit

and so on protection function. The over voltage protection function can also be provided upon

requirements. They are mainly used to protect the building ilumination and power distribution



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  • America 

Normal opeation conditions

Ambient air temperature:ambient air temperature reanges form-5C ~+40C, not exceeding 35C

averagely in 24 hous;

Location:installation location can not exceed 2000 meters above sea level;

Air conditions:relative humidity in the installation place can not execeed 50% when the air

reaches the highest temperature +40C,the averate minmum temperature when it is the wettest

can not exceed 25C, relative humidity not exceeding 90%;

Installation conditions:installation is divded into grade II, grade I;

Installationpollution gnage:installationpollution grade is grade i;

Installationconditions.magnetic field outside the instation place can not exceed 5times of the site of terrestrial magnetism in all direction. Normally speaking, RCBO should be mounted vertically.the operation handle puts through power source upward, there should be no notable impact and vibration in the installatin place.


Leakage protection function of RCBO is tested and adjusted by the manufacture, users can not

open the products at random during usage;

After using RCBO for a certain time (normally one month), test button should be pressed once in a state of making the circuit to check whether the fuction of RCBO is normal and reliable (press

test button once, the RCBO can break off once). If abnormal, it should be unloaded and sent to

the manufacture for rpair.

RCBO must not be wetted or soaked by rain, snow or water during the couse of transportation,

stroage and usage.

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