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High Voltage Sulphur Hexafluoride Ring Net Power Switch Equipment


  • America 

Summarize .

●XGN15-12 indoor & outdoor exchange high voltage sulphur hexafluoride ring net power switch equipment, which is made sulphur hexafluoride load switch to be power switch, is adopted air insulation and applied to switching automation. The compact and extended metal sealing switch equipment is high quality, miniaturization, complete parameter, low price and lttle protection.
●The production contains ‘on-off-earth’ three stations arc-chute. It contains“five preventions’ (prevent loading deciliter main switch, prevent to ingress electrification gap, prevent error deciliter main switch, prevent electrification handing ground wire, prevent earth switch power transmission in earth station). The production, which is interlinked and reliable, high rent insulation, wide creep distance designed, leading-out terminal uses voltage-sharing covering, special moved sealing and regular sealing designed, advanced technique function and flexible assemble plan, can be satisfied to the changeable need of market. It is the new age high voltage switch equipment to equip the city electric fence.
●The production which is used in industrial and mining establishments, residence community, precast transforming plant and so on, is applicable to triphase exchange 10KV, 50HZ electricity system. It is used for cutting and closing load current and error current, to control and protect circuit and substation transformator.

Applied environment

●The altitude: no more than 1000m; (the special demands should be marked when order)
●Environmental temperature: -25 C° ~+40 C°
●Relative humidity: the daily average relative humidity is not more than 95%, the monthly average relative humidity is not more than 90%
●Shock strength: no more than 8 C°
●Surrounging air without serious pollution: as dust、smoke、chemical etchant、inflammable gas、gasoline and salt and so on.

The technical parameter of cubicle switchboard as following

Voltage rating 12[KV]

Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage

Interphase and relatively


Rent space


One minute industry frequency withstand voltage

Interphase and relatively


Rent space


Rated frequency


Rated current

Main bus-bar


Branch bar


Rated short time withstand current

Major loop


Earth loop


Rated peak withstand current 50 [KV]

Transfer current 1700 [A]

Protective grade IP2X grade

Load switch mechanical life 2000 times

Earth switch mechanical life 2000 times

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