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HWK7 Series Control And Protection Switching Appliance (CPS)

HWK7 series control and protection switch appliances (hereinafter referred to as "switches" or CPS) are mainly used in low voltage distribution and motor control and protection circuits of AC 50HZ. Rated operating voltage of 690V and below, rated operating current of 0.15A and 63A
HWK7 switch is an integrated technology product with compact structure, environmental protection and energy saving, and easy installation. The operation is simple; the digital electronic control system has high itelligence and reliable functions.
HWK7 switch is。multi-function switch electrical appliance, with circuit overload and short circuit protection capabilties, high breaking capacity; with circuit lood control function. Long operoting life. High reliability: the combination of communication control switches. Suitable for automatic control
system and remote control system.
HWK7 switch conforms to the standard: GB14048.1 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment Part 1 General Rules" IEC60947-1
GB14048.9 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment Part 6-2 Multi function electrical equipment lequipment) control and protection switch electrical equipment (equipment"
For details of IEC60947 -6-2 products, please refer to the product instruction manual.
Relevant information such as agreements for communication products can be obtained from the manufacturer.
The control circuit using this product can refer to the control circuit atlas recommended by the manufacturer, or you can compile the control circuit plan yourself, but it should meet the relevant national and industry specifications and requirerments.
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Model and meaning

HW K 7 - 63 /① ② ③ ④

HW: Enterprise code. newly controlled

K: Product category control and protection switch (CPS)

7: Design serial number

63: Shell grade code (rated current INM: 63-63A)

①: Rated current lpositive E: 18. 32. 45. 63)

②:Control power supplyvoltage code IUS: Q-400V, M--230VJ

③:Controller type (E electronic type, S-standard type, T-communication type, sU standard type with voltage protection)

④:Derived product code ladditional module: L-leakage type, N-reversible type. R-fuse isolation type

Conditions of Use

■Normal working conditions

Weekly air temperature does not exceed +40"C . and the overage value of 24H does not exceed +35"C . The lower limit is -5%'C ;in a short period of time, it can also be within the limit temperature of -25C - +70"C Reliable operation.

The oltitude of the installation site does not exceed 2000M; if it exceeds, the derating should be used. It is recommended to derate 10% for every 1000M increase.

When the temperoture is +40C , the relative humidity of the air does not exceed 50%. and it can have a higher relative hurmidity at a lower temperature.

When the average monthly minimum temperature is +25°C . the averoge maximum relative humidity of the month is 90% . Special measures should be taken for condensation that is occasionally generated due to temperature changes.

Pollution degree 3 level.

Protection grade IP20.

The extermal magnetic field of the nstallation site does not exceed 5 times the geomagnetism in any direction, without explosive, corrosive gas, rain and snow, dry and ventilated.

The switch is suitable for environmental class A.

Warning. This product is suitable for environment A The use of this product in environment B will produce harmful electromagnetic interference, in this case, users need to take appropriate protective measures.

■Storage and transportation conditions

The product storage and transportation environment should be dry and ventilated, without signifcant impact vibration, direct sunlight. rain, dust, chemical gas corrosion and other conditions.

Ambient temperature -25*C ~ +55"C . within a short time (24H) up to +70"C。

■Installation category

The switch main circuit overvoltoge category applies to Idistribution levell,

Auxiliary circuit, control circuit overvoltage category applies to load lell.

Technical Parameters

Main technical parameters (main circuit)

shell rotig 63
Rated working voltage Ue 400V、690V
Use category AC-43、AC-44
Conventional heating current lth IAl 12 32 63
Rated working current le (A) 0.6、1.2、2.4、6、12 18、32 45、63
Rated frequency 50Hz
Pole number 3
Rated working system; Eight-hour working system.uninterrupted working system,intermittent working system
Intermittent duty system level 600,load factor 40%
Rated operating short-circuit breaking capocity Ics 50kA(AC400V).4kA/AC690V
Breoking action time ≤2ms
Rated insulation voltage UI 690V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 6kV
Electrical life (AC-43)(ten thousand times) 100(AC400V)
Mechanical life (ten thousand times) 1000

Technical Parameters

Main technical parameters lmain circuit)

Rated working curentle(A) Overtoad setting current ronge lr1A Cantrolloble motor power Pe (kW)
400VAC 600VAC
0.6 0.15~0.6 0.04~0.18 0.07~0.3
1.2 0.3-1.2 0.07~0.5 0.13~0.86
2.4 0.6-2.4 0.15~10 0.25~1.8
6 1.5~6 0.52~2.8 0.9-5.0
12 3~12 1.1~6.0 2.0~10
18 7.2-18 3.0~9.5 5.0-16
32 12~32 5.0~16.5 8.5~29
45 18~45 7.1~23.5 14~43
63 25-63 10-35 19-60

Main technical parameters lcontrol and auxiliary circuitl

Control circuit Control power supply voltage Us Movumum power consumption of electromosnet
Auxiliary switch circuit 2NO+2NC AC-15、230V、5A DC-13、110W/0.55A、24W/5A
Auxiliory signal circuit 2NO+1NC 230VAC ith:5A
Alarm signal circuit 1NO 230VAC ith:5A
Communication module circuit

Technical Parameters

Controller category

Cateson Code Protetive finction Srecfc firction
Standard type S type See Toble 7 for protection
Equipped with display screen and settings and
operations can be performed,circuit status can be queried
functions are shown in Table 6
Standord type SU Type Compared with the
standard type,over-and
under-voltage protection
functions are added
The configuration is the some as the standard controller
Communication type Type T Similar to standard The configuration is the same as the standard controller;with
communication interface,it can carry out dota transmission
remote control,status monitoring.parameter function setting,etc.
Electronic type E type Similar to standard No display screen and buttons,current value setting by adjusting

Controller function laction descriptionl

Functonal item Desenption of operotion status
Trip Short circuit foult The mechanism is tripped, the releose action of the electromognet is controlled, and the main circuit of the
switch is disconnected
Break brake Other faults The mechanism does not trip, the release action of the electromagnet is controlled, and the main circuit of the
switch is disconnected
Controller reset Opening state Manual reset, outomatic reset, remote command reset
Trp status Rotate the handle, reset and then reody, in the monitoring disploy state. press the confirmation key to reset
Opening and tripping test Both switch load opening and trip unit test can be operated by pressing the key to enter the menu
Remote operation function in the remote mode, operations such as tripping, opening and resetting can only be performed at the remote
end, and cannot be performed by local buttons or menus
Thermal memory function Switch electronic controller with thermal memory function

Controller category

Furctiona categpry Function Descriptior
1 Communication
The communication function hardware adopts 485 communication module,and the protocol
adopts Modbus bus communication protocol
Standard type don't
2 Keyboard lock The controller's menu has a keyboard password lock function to prevent misoperation by
unrelated persons

3 Measurement
Measurement of three-phase current,real-time leakage value,Icontrol poweri phase voltage
4 Log function Record the latest 10 fault types,fauit current,voltage.leakage and other data
5 Monitoring function Monitor various states and state parameters of the switch
6 Automatic reset Circuit failure lexcept short circuit).The switch opens and the handle is in the "ready"position,
which can be automatically reset

7 Programmoble
Programmable input and output functions to set.Query,control,reset,test,etc Standord type don't
8 Signal output Reody and fault signal output


Controller function (protection function and parameters)

Serial number Setting items Setting ronge Defoult seting Error
1 Rated current le (A)
2 Setting current Ir1(A) 25.00-63.00 63.00
3 Load type
Three phase
4 Reset method
5 Short circuit protection 14x63(le) Trip
6 Short-circuit short-time protection Open;close Trip
Setting current Motor type (6.0-12)lr1 9.0Ir1
Distribution type (2.0~12)lr1 6.0lr1
Action time(S) 0、0.06、0.1、0.2、0.3、0,4 0.2 ±10%
7 Overlood protection Break-brake,alarm Brake
Trip level Motor type 5、10A、10、15、20、25、30 10 ±10%
Distribution type 5、10、15、30、60、90、120 15 ±10%
8 Phase failure protection Break-brake.olarm Brgke
Action time (s) 1~20 5 ±10%
9 Undercurrent protection Open;close Close
Operating current [A (0.2-0.8%)lr1 0.2Ir1
Action time (S) 1~200 10 ±10%
10 Stall protection Open close Close
Operating current (Al (5~9)lr1 6lr1
Action time (s) 0.1-50.0 5 ±10%
11 Three-phase unbolance protection Open,close Close
Imbalance 10%~100% 40%
Action time(S) 0.1~20.0 4
12 Start timeout protectio Open;close Close
Operating current (A) (1-4)lr1 1.5Ir1
Action time (s) 1~200 10 ±10%
13 Overload early warning protection Open;close close
Alorm value (20%~80)lr1 80%lr1

Remarks:The accuracy of current measurement is:rated load±5%,overload+10%,short circuit±20%

Release characteristics

Release characteristics

The switch is equipped with an electronic trip unit. It has protection features such as overload delay, short circuit short delay. and short circuit instantaneous protection.

■Overload release

The switch is provided with multiple overlood protection levels for selection,

The overload protection characteristic of the switch simulates the overheat protection of the motor according to the inverse time limit characteristic of the cold state curve of GB/T14598.15.

Switch overlood protection characteristics (motor protection mode)

Test Setting cuirent*lr1 Action time 11(S Time tolerance Status
A 1.05 CPS does not operate within 2h iswitch onl
Cold start
B 1.2 CPS action within 2h tswitch off)
Connect A test
C 1.5 27 39 54 78 105 130 148 ±20% Hot stote
D 7.2 4.8 6 8 11 13 16 20 ±20% Cold start

Trp level 5 10A 10 15 20 25 30

Note: 1) 7.2 times the action time Tp/s corresponds to the controller setting trip levei

2) The corresponding use category of the test: AC-42.AC-43. AC-44

3) Kreferencel ambient air temperature: -5°C . +20°C . +40°C

4) Trip unit type: electronic anti-time overload trip unit

5) Thermal equilibrium conditions: 1.0lrt, 10min

Switch overload protection characteristic table ldistrbution protection mode)

Test Setting cirrent*Ir1 ACtion time 11(s) Time talererce Status
A 1.05 CPS does not operate within 2h (switch on)
Cold start
B 1.2 CPS action within 1h (switch off)
Connect A test
C 1.5 7 11 17 32 60 89 126 242 ±20% Hot state
D 7.2 12 1.6 2 2.1 3 3.6 4.3 7 ±20% Cold start

Trip level 5 10 15 30 60 90 120 240

Note: 1) 7.2 times the action time Tp/s corresponds to the controller setting trip level

2) The corresponding use category of the test: AC 40.AC-41. AC-45a. AC-45b

3) (referencel ambient air temperature: +30°C

4) Trip unit type: electronic ant-time overlood trip unit

■Short circuit release

Protection characteristics of switch short-circuit release

hort circuit protection Trippirg curtent Trip time

Short circuit current 1≥14le <2ms instontaneous trip

Note:The occuracy of the operating current value is±20%

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