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Smart breaker Intelligent line controller and circuit breaker for remote communication and measurement

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Overload,short-circuit current,energy leakage(optional)protection.

Timing control of switching on or off.

Remote control of switching on or off,the supported network connections include:WIFI/GPRS/GPS/ZIGBEE/KNX

Remote measurement and monitoring,to monitor and measure the enetgy usage of electrical!


Self diagnostic(PC/Smart phone).

Reading database(PC/Smart phone).

MCB + MLR(MCB:Miniature circuit breaker,MLR:Magnetic Latching Relay).

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    HW13-40 is multi-function circuit breaker,which is applicable to circuit in smart home,streetlamp control system and other places which need wireless remote control.It is rated voltage is 230/400V~.rated current is 63A,frdquency 50Hz/60Hz,breaking capacity 10KA with functions such as overload protection,shortcircuit protection,earth leakage protection.This product is used to turn on/off electrical apliances,electrical machinery,equipment in long distance connected by WIFI/GPRS/GPS/ZIGBEE/KNX or RS485 cable connection,and also is applied to measure electricity consumption.

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