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YUANKY HWM1-3063CW Moulded Case Circuit Breaker For 63AMP Mccb 125A Mccb Manufacturer


Scope of application HWM1 series Moulded case circuit breaker(hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker), is one type of the new product that developed by our company adopts the international advanced design and manufacturing The product has small volume, high short break, flying arc short(portion specification zero flying arc), good resistance to vibration, is an ideal product to land and Marine use, is the upgrading production of Moulded case circuit breaker, applied to Ac 50 hz, rated voltage 690 v and below, the rated insulation voltage 800v and below(HWM1-63 is 500v), rated current 800A do not frequent conversion circuit and the motor is notfrequently used. Circuit breaker with overload, short circuit and under-voltage protection function, can protect circuit and power equipment from being damaged.


  • America 

Main Technical Parameters 

Framework Current 30 63
Type Hwm1-30cw Hwm1-63cw
Rated current ln(A) 3 5 10 15 20 30 6 10 16 20 25 32 40 50 63
Poles number 2 3 2 3
Rated insulation voltage Ui(V) 500 600
Ratedshort-circuitBreakingcapacity(KA) IEC60947-2(lcu/lcs) AC(50/60HZ) 690V - -
525V - -
500V - 2.5/1
440V - 2.5/1
415V 1.5/1.5 2.5/1
400V - 5/2
380V 1.5/1.5 5/2
230V 2.5/2 7.5/4
DC 250V - 2.5/1 -
300V - -
Isolation of adaptability
Utilisation category A A
Reverse connection(No mark terminals)
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(kV) 4 6
Pollution feature 2 2


Pole 3P
Rated Current(A) 125,225,400,630,800
Rated Voltage (V) 240/415V~
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Tripping Curve B, C
Rated Short-circuit Capacity 65KA(240V~),25KA(415V~),14KA(440V~),10KA(DC125/250V)
Electro-mechanical Endurance 3000 cycles
Connection Terminal Pillar terminal with clamp
Connection Capacity
Installation Panel mounting
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