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What is the difference between electronics and electrical

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-08-02      Origin: Site

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The difference between electronic and electrical is as follows:

1, the composition of the system is different

Electronics: Electronic information systems.

Electrical: Electrical control system.

2. Different functions

Electronics: Information processing is the mainstay.

Electrical: Mainly for energy applications.

3. The basic unit of composition is different

Electronics: Electronic components, such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, triodes, FETs, etc.

Electrical: electrical appliances, such as relays, AC contactors, leakage protectors, PLCs, etc.

4. The connection between the basic units is different

Electronics: Thin wires, PCB.

Electrical: Thick copper wire, sheet metal.

5. Different volumes

Electron: Small size.

Electrical: Large volume.

6. Different majors

Note: It is very convenient to process information through electronic technology, and there is also the use of optical technology to process information, such as optical information.

Electronics: Electronic Information Engineering, Electronic Information Science and Technology.

Electrical: Electrical engineering, electrical engineering and its automation.

7. Development

Electronics: From analog signal processing to digital signal processing. Digital signal processing chips are divided into application-specific integrated circuits and general-purpose computers.

Electrical: Electrical control systems range from relay contactors to general purpose PLCs.

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