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What is an RCD socket and how does it work?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-25      Origin: Site

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What is RCD Socket

RCD socket, i.e. safety socket with earth leakage protection device, RCD socket is a kind of electrical socket design that can effectively prevent the occurrence of electric shock accident. It prevents the human body from coming into contact with electrical current by introducing additional protection and reduces the risk of electrical fires, personal injury and death from electrocution.

How the RCD Socket Works

The principle of RCD socket involves two main aspects: Earth leakage protection and overload protection. Leakage protection means that when there is a leakage of electricity from an electrical appliance, the socket can quickly cut off the power supply to prevent the human body from being electrocuted. Overload protection refers to when the electrical appliances work overload, the socket can automatically cut off the power supply, in order to avoid excessive current caused by fire. In terms of leakage protection, RCD socket usually adopts the leakage protection switch (RCD), also known as leakage circuit breaker. Leakage protection switches monitor leakage by detecting the difference between the current entering and leaving the appliance. When there is a leakage, the difference in current will activate the earth leakage protection switch and quickly cut off the power supply.

Overload protection generally utilizes a thermal protector or fuse. The thermal protector contains a thermistor inside, when the appliance works overload, the current exceeds the rated value, the thermistor will rapidly warm up, triggering the fuse to disconnect the circuit and cut off the power supply.

In addition, RCD sockets are also equipped with an anti-arc function, which effectively prevents fires caused by arcs generated when plugging and unplugging electrical appliances. It should be noted that the safety socket only as an additional protective measures, and can not completely replace the daily use of electrical appliances when the precautions. Users still need to correctly use the plug to properly connect the power supply and other operations, and regularly check and maintain the safety performance of the socket to ensure its normal working effect.

CHNT RCD sockets have 1 gang rcd switched socket and rcd double socket, and a variety of current specifications are complete, to learn more about RCD socket products.

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