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Yuanky Safety Padlock Keyed Differ Alike 25mm 38mm 76mm Steel Nylon 304 Stainless Steel Safety Padlock



  • America 

Key Management System

Keyed Differ Systom (KD)

Each padlock is keyed differently, supplied with 1 key per lock. 20000pcs individual locks available.

Keyed Alike System (KA):

Each padlock is keyed the same in one group, 1 key wil open all padlocks in each group.

Differ&Master Key System (KDMK)

Each padlock is Keyed differently, suppled with 1 key per lock, A master key will override and open any of these padlocks.

Alike& Master Key System (KAMK)

Each padlock is keyed the same im one group, A master key will override and open all groups of Alike keyed.

Grand Master Key System (GMK):

Each padlock is keyed different in one group. A grand master key will override and open all different KDMK groups.



Lock shackle material






Keyed differ

Keyed alike

Grand master key



304 stainless steel

Since the name of the safety padlock is different from that of the ordinary one, there are naturally many differences in its use, so what is the difference between this kind of padlock and the ordinary lock? First of all, there is a big difference in the purpose of use. The use of safety padlocks is for warning, not for anti-theft, while ordinary locks are for anti-theft. But it should be noted that although this kind of padlock is not for anti-theft, its own enthusiasm is more important than ordinary locks.

Furthermore, when users use safety padlocks, the production materials are also very different. Ordinary locks are produced using metal materials, and naturally such locks have good durability. The production materials of padlocks are mostly abs materials. Although this material is difficult to compare with metal in terms of hardness, it has better anti-corrosion ability in use, allowing it to have a longer life and greater convenience during use. Of course, Different manufacturers will have certain differences in their materials, because the same abs material also has its quality differences.

And there are also big differences in how the lock is opened. If it is an ordinary lock, when it is opened, it is also a key to open a lock, and there will not be any series in the middle, but the padlock is different, it is customized according to the user’s requirements. Or it is a key to open an existing lock, or it is restricted by authority when opening it, etc., which is incomparable with ordinary locks. Precisely because of this, this kind of padlock has higher requirements for repetition and higher requirements for manufacturers. It is precisely because of this that when users choose this kind of padlock, they also need to have a careful choice of manufacturers.

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