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C7 (TL) Series AC Contactor

C7 (TU Series AC Contactorthaereinofter referred to as the contactor l.mainly uesd for AC 50Hz or 60Hz.the voltage to 690V.the AC-3,40013801 to 95V use category under the rated current in a circut.for long-distance connected and breaking circuit.frequent starting and control of AC motor,and with the appropriate composition of thermal relay electromagnetic starter circuit may occur in order to protect the overload operation.Standard:GB/T14048.4. IEC 60947-4-1
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Model and implication



09A-32Ain the form of auxiary contacts

10 represents three nomally open main contacts and one nomaly open auiliary contac(32A and below);

01 represents three nomally open main contacts and one normally closed aullay contact(32Aand below);,

11 represents three nomly open main contacts cone nomally open and one nomally cdosed auoliary contacts(40A and above);

40 epresents the four romaly open main contact,08 means BMO nomally open and two nomaly dosed main contats

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